Ivan Tea - Stop Inflammaton

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Inflammation and oxidation cause WAY too many disease in our bodies, so we should take antioxidants to combat them every day!
There are many herbs that have antioxidants to reduce oxidation in the body, but there is no better herb that Ivan Tea.
Ivan Tea is a Siberian herb also called Willowherb or Fireweed.
It is a pink, pretty plant with amazing health benefits.
Ivan Tea is a first colonizer, which means it is the first plant to grow after fires or clearings. It is an herbal “first-aid kit” that is good for the earth and for our bodies!

  • Inflammation and oxidation are two of the biggest drivers for illness and mental decline
  • Ivan tea is rich in flavonoids and catechin and can helps combat both oxidation and inflammation
  • Reduce inflammation and oxidation to stay younger and healthier!
  • This herb (called Ivan Tea, Fireweed or Willowherb) has one of the strongest anti-inflammatory effects of all herbs
  • Rich in tannins and Packed with Vitamin C this tea will fight colds and sinuses, improve metabolism, and raise your spirits when you feel down!
  • Drink after heavy meals to improve digestion
  • Ingredients: 100% Wild Siberian Fireweed



Once steeped, the liquor is a light brown. Upon taking a sip, there is a smooth and sweet flavor with herbal and floral notes.


Brewing instructions: place a bag in boiled water, cover. Use an insulated thermos for a stronger brew. 

Add raspberry, strawberry or lemon for more fun! 


Goes well with:

  • Strawberry, raspberry, mint, lemon
  • Chaga Tea for ultimate immunity support
  • Serenity for relaxing and restorative effect

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Customer Reviews

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It's good!

I've never had it before but saw some YouTuber having it and got curious. Was very pleased.

Good product

Good product

Good product

Like this product. Will order again

Jody Dyer

I really enjoy the teas I bought. One was detox and it did what it needed to do. The other one was for relaxing. I drank that at night and I get a great night sleep. I will be buying these teas again and try the ones I have not boughten. Chaga is great itself. Just love these teas.

Sandra Pedersen