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Discover the calming power of "Serenity" Tea. A special blend of five Siberian herbs that can help you feel more relaxed and peaceful. This tea can reduce anxiety, make your sleep better, and keep your heart healthy. 

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Calm Mind

In the busy daily routine, Serenity helps calm the mind. The herbs in it come from Siberia and are good at making your thoughts less busy, so you can think more clearly.

Improves Skin

Serenity doesn't just help inside your body, it also makes your skin look better. Antioxidant-rich ingredients fight off free radicals and make your skin look healthy and young.

Supports Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping at night, Serenity can be your helpful friend. It's made with special herbs that make it easier to have a better and more refreshing sleep.

Immune Booster

A healthy immune system is really important, especially when the weather changes. Serenity's ingredients can help make your immune system stronger, so you can avoid getting sick and stay healthy.

Reduce Stress

When life gets tough, it can make you really stressed. Serenity has a special mix of herbs that can help you relax and stay calm, like a natural stress-reliever.

Heal Heart

Serenity's herbs can reduce stress, calm the mind, and provide antioxidants, all contributing to a healthier heart.

Every cup of Baikal Tea is a testament to the healing powers of nature

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Why it’s good for you

Serenity is a special drink that's good for your whole body. It's made with five calming herbs from Siberia, which can help you feel less anxious and take better care of your heart when you drink it regularly. Plus, it has a fresh and herbal taste that makes it very enjoyable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Lola F.
Fantastic tea

Going to be ordering more of it. Wonderful flavor.

Carl Wellonen
Little taste, fair results

On the positive side, this tea did have a relaxing and sleep enhancing effect. However, the taste left me wanting more. For the money, I’ll be buying a more tasty alternative.
Unfortunately, my wife found that this combination of herbs caused her stomach upset.
Wish I had more positive things to say, but this was our experience.

Thank you for sharing your feedback! Serenity is a unique blend of 8 herbs designed to promote a healthy heart and relaxation. It contains no additives or artificial flavors. This is the first report we've received of stomach upset from Serenity, but we understand that herbs can affect individuals differently. We would be happy to offer you a refund; please just let us know how we can assist you further. Stay well! ~ Baikal Tea

Ivan Temnikov

Good,Good,Good +++++++++++++++

Lee Hert

Relaxes me so I can sleep, takes a while, so brew me some about 2 hours before bed.

Loreen Jennings
Amazing Tea

I love this tea it’s amazing how calm and serine i feel after drinking it , I always refill with hot water at least 3 times it’s. Wonderful way to end my day with . I have ordered all the different blends you offer it’s nice to open my cupboard and choose what’s perfect for me at that time Thank you for such amazing products . Customer for life 😊

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