Chaga Tea with Bergenia

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Medicinal Chaga Tea from Siberian Lake

Natural Taste Decaf Organic Wild



  • Chaga has 215+ nutrients, macroelements, minerals and vitamins for your entire body
  • Chaga is better and more potent than other mushrooms (lions mane, turkey tale, reishi)
  • Siberian chaga is one of the best Chaga kinds, because it is very cold in Siberia, and Chaga thrives in cold
  • We collect our chaga from the natural reserves around one of the oldest, largest lakes on Earth - Baikal Lake. It has wonderful vital energy that breeds unique natural herbs and mushrooms
  • The tea is Siberian and Organic. The way nature intended. Because the best things come from nature itself!
  • Chaga has an earthy unique taste, you can add honey, lemon, ginger and other condiments
  • Can add Chaga to smoothies, coffee, pancakes and any other foods to boost their nutritional value
  • It is bagged for convenience - very easy to steep
  • The fraction is not dusty 
  • Chaga is growing in popularity
  • It is known to protect against cancer
  • It has many enzymes to block free radicals. Has special polysaccharides called Beta Glucans to support immune. It helps against viruses and colds



Stress. Free radicals. Health issues. Steal years of life from you.

Your body deserves to be healed and you can heal it with this authentic wild Chaga tea.


We care about you



1. Buy Baikal Tea Chaga

2. Steep a bag for 8 min, drink daily 

3. Rejuvenate naturally


Indigenous Siberian Recipe

Bergenia is a Siberian plant that ferments naturally as it grows.

Fermented foods are rich in probiotic and enzymes.

Adding just 3% of Bergenia makes Chaga Tea more potent and tasty.

 Easy step

Heal your body strengthen your mind


Brewing instructions: place a bag in boiled water, cover. Use an insulated thermos for a stronger brew. 

Add almond/oat/coconut mylk, lemon, ginger, or cranberry for more fun! 

Goes great together with Ivan tea, Peppermint Rosehip, and Grace

Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Camaro gal
Great detox

It’s taste ok not bitter or sweet. I’ve been using it a week and seems to be working. I finally feel better after being sick. It’s taking all the toxins out. I’m getting my energy back. I use a little organic honey with it.

Ginny Wichman
More than 5 Stars!

I first heard about chaga and it’s amazing benefits this summer from a naturalist friend. Then I found Baikal Tea and ordered immediately. I have only been using Chaga tea for 11/2 months but am seeing the benefits I was told about. I am feeling a reduction in my inflammation symptoms, am not craving as many sweets, and my hunger levels are decreasing. I believe this will only improve as time goes on. I drink it plain (1-2 cups/day), no sweetener, no creamer. I love the earthy flavor. It is close in flavor to a Rooibois tea. Enjoy…you won’t be disappointed.

Joan Reid
Good and good for you

I had no idea how this would taste and was pleasantly surprised.

Crag Palmorr
Great Tea

I've ordered this twice now. I like this tea!

LauraLisa Oliver
Great tea!

I was skeptical about the taste as I was under the impression that it’d taste very earthy. Fortunately, it tastes great- not like a bunch of leaves.