Decaf Teatox - Natural Cleanse and Detox

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Our bodies are amazing creations that can detox naturally BUT
Our environments are hectic and polluted, to the point where our body NEEDS HELP  cleansing and detoxing.

Teatox herbal tea is a rich blend of Senna and 7 other organic Siberian herbs.
It will normalize your metabolism and promote weight loss by naturally removing toxins from your body!
  • Cleanse and Detox, Gut health, Anti-bloating
  • Clean your colon and your body gently with natural herbs and no additives
  • Reduce bloating, feel light and hydrated
  • Improve metabolism and digestion, help weight loss
  • Support many organs and tracts: cardiovascular, respiratory, immune
  • Rich in tannins and vitamins, natural antioxidant to fight free radicals


Flavor profile

The tea brews up a golden liquor with a mildly sweet and almost hay-like aroma.

Overall, refreshing with mildly roasty, earthy, and honey notes. This tea is very mild and pleasant to drink. Hints of oregano, which duets well with the sage undertones. Rose hips do not yield much flavor, just amplifying the herbally flavors. Senna has a tendency to give a rather bitter flavor for the tea, but the rest of the ingredients do a gorgeous job adding natural sweetness, that you will not get a hint of bitterness.


Brewing instructions: place a bag in boiled water, cover. Use an insulated thermos for a stronger brew. 

Add lemon, mint, ginger, or cranberry for more fun! 

Goes great together with Ivan tea, Peppermint Rosehip, and Chaga



Senna leaves, Rose Hip, Helichrysum flowers, Corn silk, Cowberry leaves, Oregano herb, Calendula flowers, Strawberry leaves

Senna leaves

For weight loss

  • Improves metabolism
  • Supports intestinal health
  • Has natural laxative effect
  • Detox and weight loss

Rose Hips 

is the true King of the Siberian Berries. It is full of vitamins and natural sugars to improve the immune system and add flavor to the blend!

  • Rich in vitamins (A, B, C), and organic acids
  • Normalizes blood pressure, good for the heart muscle
  • Produces insulin, suitable for people with diabetes
  • Lowers cholesterol

Helichrysum flowers 

are the little suns of Siberian forests. Widely used in cosmetology, this plant also improves metabolism and promotes gut health

  • Supports liver, pancreas, and gallbladder, especially in women

Corn silk 

is a diuretic herb that dulls the appetite. Has other uses:

  • Reduces swelling and edema associated with excess weight
  • Destroys kidney and urine bladder stones 
  • Can reduce blood sugar levels
  • Good for gastrointestinal tract
  • Not suitable for people with low body weight as it leads to further weight loss!

Cowberry leaves

 is a good anti-inflammatory and diuretic herb.

  • Has vitamins C and B for immunity boost
  • Removes excess salt
  • Antiseptic, diuretic, choleretic 


is an effective carminative to reduce bloating with a natural diuretic effect

  • Strong antibacterial
  • Good for digestive system
  • Helps with insomnia and depression

In large quantities not suitable for pregnant women. Our tea have negligent amount of Oregano, but please consult your medical specialist!

Calendula flower

is a great antioxidant to support gut health

  • Essential oils helps with throat mouth and issues like tonsillitis and stomatitis
  • Supports cardiovascular function, relieves stress, improves nervous system
  • Has magnesium, potassium, and tannins
  • Strong antioxidant

Strawberry leaves

are used as a diuretic and digestion support

  • Vitamin C and tannins help improve performance, vitality and body endurance
  • Helps with gastric ulcers, stomach juice secretion* and digestion
  • Used in cosmetology against pigmentation and freckles (although we think freckles are beautiful!)
  • Supports cardiovascular


This tea is limited to this year's supply, buy now before it ends.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Daniyal A.
Great detox tea!!

Very gentle body detox. Especially helps me after heavy meals!! Worth a try!

Renee Jameson

Loving this tea, I was concerned about trying it not knowing if it would taste ok. My whole family has been drinking it and we all enjoy. Definitely no stronger flavor than any other tea.

M Baker
i love you teas. i'm sleeping better.

i feel better, sleep better and am more normal bathroom wise. So happy i found you.

Cheryl Eckford-Willis
Grace Tea

I am please with the soothing taste.

Amazon Customer
Absolutely delicious tea

"This tea is absolutely amazingly delicious I didn�t even need to add a sweetener, I love the natural flavor of the tea. This is a good tasting detox tea and it works beautifully. I will definitely buy again."

'Thank you!'