Ivan Tea - Stop Inflammaton

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  • Inflammation and oxidation are two of the biggest drivers for illness and mental decline
  • Ivan tea is rich in flavonoids and catechin and can helps combat both!
  • Reduce inflammation and oxidation to stay younger and healthier!
  • This herb (called Ivan Tea, Fireweed or Willowherb) has one of the strongest anti-inflammatory effects of all herbs
  • Rich in tannins and Packed with Vitamin C this tea will fight colds and sinuses, improve metabolism, and raise your spirits when you feel down!
  • Drink after heavy meals to improve digestion
  • Ingredients: 100% Wild Siberian Fireweed (100%) 

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Customer Reviews

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Joke on me
'Great! He should definitely learn more about the tes's wonderful properties!'
Smooth, gentle flavor
'Thanks Marie, feel free to experiment with different flavors and tastes. Ivan goes well with strawberry and raspberry! Just add it to your mug or a tumbler while steeping and you'll love the berry infusion! '
Helps to alkalize my body and food sensitivities
'Amanda! Thank you so much for all the love you've given our growing brand! Sipping to abetter you! '
Love this tea!
'Thanks Zac! We actually specialize in loose leaf teas and herbs, but we decided to bring something unique and simple to this market! So this is new to us as well! Glad you liked it! If you ever want to order some real loose herbs just holla at us on our Instagram! '
Im not a coffee-drinker anymore, thanks to this tea.
'Oh wow we are so pleased to read this review. You have touched on many of our pain points! Fireweed is indeed one of the most under-appreciated herbs! It is the first herb to grow on spots of the bare earth after disturbances like fires (hence the name). So in a way, it is the earth's first aid kit. It is amazing for the planet and it is amazing for us, humans! Do not put artificial sweeteners in your tea. Avoid white sugar at all costs! Curb your brown sugar/stevia dependancy. If you really need some flavor, put honey or berries in the tea, but we highly advise to try the first couple of brews straight, without any additives. That will allow your taste buds to de-clog and open up to appreciate the taste of real wild Siberian herbs. The last point you made resonates well with our mission. We live in an increasingly complex, reactive environments, which is very taxing on our bodies and nervous systems. Our bodies are always in one of two states: It is either Fight-or-Flight state, or Rest-and-Digest states. Both of these states are extremely important for our balanced lives, but we are leaning towards on of them (we are sure you know which one it is). Being in the Fight-or-Flight state most of the time increases heart rate and causes heart palpitations, as well as many other negative consequences for the body. Things like proper diets, sleep patterns and supplements are important to tip the scale towards the Rest-and-Digest state. Our ancestors lived a much more wholesome and natural lives. At Baikal Tea we offer real herbal blends that can take you back to your forefathers for a moment to relax and enjoy. Thanks again and hope you feel well! '