Peppermint Tea - Organic Wild Siberian

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Peppermint relaxes muscles in your body and prevents smooth muscles from contracting.

Because of that Peppermint tea may relieve gas, bloating and indigestion.

It may also relieve headaches, migraines, and other spasms in your body. 

Peppermint has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties so it is good for our immune system, and our hearts.

Peppermint oil, found in peppermint tea, may help increase alertness and memory, which may improve concentration.

Easy to add to your diet 

No caffeine so you can drink it at any time of the day without feeling jittery or overwhelmed. 


What's in a bag:

  • Golden brew, cooling wild peppermint taste
  • Peppermint plants grow in wild Siberian forests
  • Our teams collect the herbs by hand during the right season
  • Then we dry, cut and bag the herbs for convenient steeping
  • Take 1-2 cups daily
  • Tea bags are unbleached and biodegradable
  • Relax your body and refresh your mind
  • Strengthen the organism and support your heart

Take 1-2 cups daily, straight or with add-ins like lemon, mint, strawberry, raspberry, honey, stevia and more.

Also, this carefully crafted unique herbal tea carries the spirit of wild, distant places.

From Baikal Lake
The herbs you're about to try come from the woods, surrounding one of the cleanest and oldest lakes in the world - Lake Baikal.
This ancient Lake breeds unique herbs, that are wild, mighty, and full of vital energy. These herbs are from nature itself and are as organic as they get. A cup of this decaf tea is going to change your state to a more relaxed, serene one.

Customer Reviews

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Gary Sanders
Peppermint Tea

Love the taste of the peppermint tea that I put a bag in with Ivan tea. I really do feel better. I have a bad hip and the pain is gone.

Amazing Blend

Amazing and soothing taste! This blend makes peppermint very pleasant. For comparison, I like this one more than Harney and Sons peppermint tea.

B. Chau
Smooth and calming

I just tried the Siberian Peppermint Tea and I thought it was very nice. A lot of other peppermint teas tend to hit your palate with a lot of that mint flavor, which can be off-putting for some. However, I found this tea to be very smooth and calming. I can see myself drinking this on a cold day, in the evening, or even when I’m feeling under the weather, especially with a little bit of honey. Overall I’m glad I got it and will be trying their other flavors as well.