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Article: 6 Benefits of Chaga Tea You Need to Know

6 Benefits of Chaga Tea You Need to Know

6 Benefits of Chaga Tea You Need to Know

Chaga, known scientifically as Inonotus obliquus, is a fungi that thrives in the deciduous forests of the Northern Hemisphere. This extraordinary mushroom, often referred to as a "functional mushroom", has been utilised by diverse cultures, spanning from ancient Mesopotamian civilisations to Russian monarchies, and even Native Americans.

Remarkably, unlike other medicinal mushrooms, chaga forms on living trees and can reside symbiotically for up to two decades. The mushroom's exterior is black and rough, while the interior boasts a golden-brown hue housing the mycelial mass.

To harness the full benefits of chaga tea, it's crucial to be aware of the source of your mushrooms. This is due to the mushrooms' natural role as decomposers in their ecosystem, which involves breaking down and recycling nutrients from dead or live plant matter. While this characteristic is beneficial as it allows mushrooms to contain nutrients not present in plant or animal products, it can also have a detrimental effect if the mushrooms absorb toxins from their environment.

For safety reasons, it's recommended to consume chaga powder grown indoors, as mushrooms are natural bioaccumulators, meaning they can absorb toxins and heavy metals from their surroundings. This is particularly important for wild chaga, which can be sourced from regions in Russia that are downwind from Chernobyl. Om grows its chaga indoors, providing a clean and safe environment where mycology experts can monitor optimal growing conditions.

This article aims to explore the varied benefits chaga tea offers, providing nutritional support, immune function support, digestive aid, antioxidant power, adaptogenic balance, and blood sugar and lipid support.

Preparing Chaga Tea

Chaga tea can be easily prepared by using pre-ground chaga powder. It's essential to utilise chaga cultivated indoors in a controlled environment to ensure it's free from contaminants. Om Mushrooms provides a Chaga Organic Mushroom supplement, allowing you to prepare a warm cup of chaga tea by merely adding a teaspoon of the supplement to water heated to 160°F.

While some enjoy the natural flavour profile of chaga, others prefer to enhance it with their favourite additions:

  • Sweeteners: A spoonful of honey, agave, or maple syrup to taste
  • Milk: Dairy, nut, or oat milk for a creamy texture
  • Flavourings: Vanilla or cocoa powder for added flavour
  • Spices: Cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, and ginger for added interest

A chaga Chai Latte is another delightful option that combines the best of the above. Froth your milk, sweeten it, add a mix of warm spices, and enjoy a fragrant beverage packed with chaga tea benefits.

Health Benefits of Chaga Tea

Functional mushrooms have various benefits, with each mushroom producing specific active ingredients. Chaga contains oxalic, gallic, protocatechuic, and p-hydroxybenzoic acids, among other bioactive substances, providing several unique chaga tea benefits:

1. Nutritional Support

As a nutritious functional food, chaga provides B vitamins, minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium, and magnesium), amino acids, and fibre.

2. Immune Function Support

Chaga is a naturally occurring biological response modifier, supporting immune responses. Like other functional mushrooms, it contains potent beta-glucans, complex carbohydrates with immune-balancing properties. Chaga promotes a healthy immune response when challenged by an infection but resists overreaction contributing to autoimmune diseases.

3. Digestive System Aid

Chaga tea has been touted for its benefits in treating stomach ailments, with its fibre content and active compounds such as ergosterol, ergosterol peroxide, and trametenolic acid supporting gut health.

4. Antioxidant Power

Free radicals, the by-products of many chemical reactions in our cells, can cause a domino effect of oxidative stress, ageing our cells and damaging body tissues. Antioxidants in our diet are believed to counteract the ageing effects of these free radicals.

Chaga has the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value among all functional mushrooms, indicating a high antioxidant capacity. Regular intake of chaga tea may support the body in combating free radical damage.

5. Adaptogenic Balance

Chaga is one of the functional mushrooms providing adaptogenic support. By aiding the body's ability to adapt and recover, it helps protect from the adverse effects of internal and external stresses, promoting a return to homeostatic balance.

6. Blood Sugar and Lipids Support

Research studies, such as this one, have shown that the polysaccharides in chaga support healthy blood sugar and lipid levels. Therefore, including chaga tea in your daily routine may lead to a healthier metabolic balance.

Note: People taking medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, or a clotting disorder should consult their healthcare provider before incorporating this functional mushroom into their routine, as its unique benefits could interact with their prescription medication. Additionally, due to its high oxalate content, those who have experienced conditions such as gout or kidney stones should consult with their doctor before consuming chaga.

Opt for High-Quality Products

Incorporate chaga tea into your daily routine with Baikal Tea's chaga products. Available in loose powder or capsules, these products make enjoying the benefits of chaga tea easy and convenient. For added convenience, try Baikal’s Chaga Tea where you just have to pop in a sachet into warm water, leave it for 8 minutes, and there you have it.

Discover the benefits of chaga tea with Baikal Tea. Our functional, whole food, organic mushroom powders are packed with life-sustaining nutrients and bioactive substances. If you're looking to take advantage of the benefits of functional mushroom products, shop now or subscribe to save!

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