Chaga + Reishi

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Chaga is a strong antioxidant with a myriad of benefits. Reishi reduces stress, improves sleep, and lessens fatigue. Together, they make for a great daily antioxidant mix with a dose of relaxation. Take Chaga + Reishi daily for overall wellness and full-body regeneration.

  • Feel balanced and wholesome
  • Potent antioxidant
  • Immune support
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve sleep

Brewing instructions: place a teabag in boiled water. Use an insulated thermos for a stronger brew. Add milk, lemon, ginger, or cranberry for more fun! Goes great together with Ivan tea.

Customer Reviews

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Earthy tea

I love this tea no matter the time of day! It has such an earthy flavor that I love! Will be ordering again very soon!

Tastes Great!

tastes really good for a teabag product - very good antioxidants!

My new BFF.

Baikal Chaga and Reishi Tea is healthy, pure and subtle. I watched many videos and researched the tea and Lake Baikal, a most formidable and fascinating place where the wild tea plant is harvested. It's an alternative to Green/Black tea . It's not a strong flavor tea-it's light and smooth. Of course, you can add anything to it; Cream, milk, lemons etc.. but I like it as nature intended..and the tea bag unbleached which is an added plus to the healthiness of the tea.. It's my new go-to tea.I fill a fresh mug bottle to my work place and drink it all day long. Though I still drink coffee, i have another BFF. I will continue to buy it forever.

Sally A
Love this tea!

This is my second time buying this tea. I have more energy. I referred to my friends with colds or sinus and it helped them feel better.

You can mix with honey, lemon or both. Very please with the packaging and quality.

Michelle Font

Hello! I received my tea and it is delicious and helpful. Thank you so much. Looking forward also to your loose leaf tea!