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    Decaf Herbal Tea From the Cleanest Siberian Lake

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Daily Immune Support & Antioxidants, in a cup

Stop free radicals and get vital nutrients for healthier and longer life.


Simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. Order our herbal tea

2. Steep for 8 min and drink daily

3. Improve immune system and regenerate body


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NEW: Loose Ground Chaga



• 200+ nutrients

• 10,000's of customers

• 30+ years of experience


"Probably one of the best purchases I've ever made"

Robert on Baikal Tea Chaga

Very good tea and the flavor is amazing. Doesn't taste artificial
Well worth the money!

Susan on Baikal Tea Chaga

This tea is hands down the best I’ve ever had

Kyle on Baikal Tea Ivan Tea

Natural Herbal Tea from Amazing places

You aren’t just what you eat. What you drink has a massive impact on your health too! If you’re just as passionate about holistic wellness as we are, try sipping on Baikal Tea - the delicious way to start your day.

About Us

Learn how herbs can better your life!

The first medicinal drugs were in the form of herbs, roots, flowers, and fungi. 

A great source of natural micro-elements and antioxidants, herbs is a simple, wholesome way to improve our minds and bodies! Learn more:

About Herbs

Order Unique Herbal Tea Today:

Get a bag of unique, organic herbal tea from the cleanest lake on Earth. Improve health, skin, organs and daily habits.

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Why Herbal Tea?

1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants help against free radicals, which helps you stay younger and healthier.

2. Changing Emotional State

From annoyed to calm, from fatigued to blissful, from anxious to serene.

3. New Habits

Have a cup of rejuvenating Chaga instead of your 3rd cup of coffee.

4. Decaffeinated

Herbal tea has no caffeine. It helps you stay hydrated and not feel jittery or overwhelhmed.

5. Help to local farmers

Drinking this tea helps local Siberian farmers and communities.