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The best things in life come straight from nature itself

For centuries, civilizations have been tapping into Lake Baikal to take advantage of its nearly magical healing properties. This massive lake is referred to as the blue jewel of Siberia, supplying medicinal herbs to people for thousands of years.

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Nowadays, you don’t need to travel to Siberia, or even leave your couch to enjoy the delicious herbal infusions from Lake Baikal. With our delicious herbal blends, you can harness the power of traditional Siberian herbs all inside a nice warm cup of tea!

Baikal Tea is a 100% organic wild herbal tea, offering a long list of benefits for the mind and body. Baikal Tea is sourced from the pure waters of the world’s cleanest lake, all while maintaining the delicate balance of nature.

Baikal Tea keeps the legend alive, gathering the magical herbs that surround the sacred Lake Baikal and bringing them straight to your home.

The best things in life come straight from nature itself. This is why we allow our 70+ acres of sacred natural land around lake Baikal to go virtually untouched before the harvest. These wild fields are allowed to thrive just as nature intended, with minimal human intervention.

Rather than conventional farming, we use organic, wild harvest methods to bring the herbs from the fields to your cup, all while leaving minimal impact on the natural ecosystem.

To sip Baikal Tea is to take in the mystical beauty of Lake Baikal itself.


Baikal Tea - the world’s most authentic herbal tea

The raw natural beauty of Lake Baikal is captured in every cup of tea. Boost your vitality and energy with a nutritious blend of herbs, flowers, berries, mushrooms, roots, and pine nuts. 

You’ll look, feel, and sleep better than ever. You’ll find the inspiration to build and maintain healthier habits, all through the grace of mother nature.

Get yours today and experience a more natural approach to health and wellness.

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