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About Baikal Tea Company

The best things in life come straight from nature itself

That’s our belief here at Baikal tea. We love what we do, and we’re proud to create 100% organic herbal blends, sourced from herbs and plants surrounding the crystal clear waters of the mighty Lake Baikal.


From the Cleanest Lake on Earth

Baikal Lake

This massive lake is referred to as the blue jewel of Siberia, and it’s the world’s oldest as well as the deepest lake on earth (How old and how deep? It is over 20 million years old, and has more water than the Great Lakes combined!)

The water is extremely clean, and saturated with oxygen which provides the perfect growing environment for numerous plant species.

For centuries civilizations have been coming to Lake Baikal to take advantage of its nearly magical healing properties.This region has been supplying medicinal herbs to people for thousands of years. And it’s here our story began.


With warm care

30 years ago a young family of geologists became interested in medicinal herbs and began collecting them exclusively for themselves. As they continued to learn about the healing properties and health benefits of various herbs, their friends soon took interest as well. Word spread and the rest is history.

A state-of-the art GMP-compliant factory, a unique natural location, and a knowledgeable and reliable team has all led to tremendous growth and success for Baikal tea. From the beginning we’ve taken proper training, processes, and quality seriously. Extra care has been taken to leave a minimal impact on the natural ecosystem through crop rotation, soil preservation techniques, wild harvest methods, and minimal human intervention so our fields can thrive just as nature intended.


From our wild fields to your cup 

Nowadays, you don’t need to travel to Siberia or even leave the comfort of your home to enjoy our delicious and nutritious tea blends. We bring various herbs, flowers, berries, mushrooms, roots, and pine nuts, straight from our wild fields to your cup so you can experience all the healing benefits of traditional Siberian herbs. The natural beauty of Lake Baikal is captured in every cup of tea, and they all boast a long list of benefits for your mind and body too.

We believe that herbal treatment is a quick, simple addition to anyone’s lifestyle that provides long-term benefits. Try them out and see for yourself!

Baikal Tea several bags of tea