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Article: Medical Research on SODs and their effect on our Bodies

Medical Research on SODs and their effect on our Bodies
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Medical Research on SODs and their effect on our Bodies

There are numerous studies done about magical effects of SODs on living tissue. 

And many scientists are coming to the same conclusion:

Low amount of SODs in our bodies is associated with a decline in health and a reduction in lifespan. In contrast, normal levels of SOD are associated with an increase in lifespan


  • An anti-aging pioneer J. McCord supported the fact that SOD protects the tissues from being corrupted by radical oxygen


  • John Colman in his article “SOD—the Enzyme that Keeps Us Alive in an Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere” proved the definitive role of SOD molecule in anti-aging


  • According to Noguchi and Niki in Antioxidant Status, Diet, Nutrition, and Health - SODs are essential for halting tissue damage


  • Xiu-hong Zhong of China’s Medical College of Yanbian University said that Chaga mushroom has a high nutritional value in the treatment of degenerative disease like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even AIDS


  • R. Cultler of the NIH determined that in a variety of animals SOD levels are more greatly correlated with a long and vigorous life than any other factor


In 1984 R. Cutler determined that the level of SOD is correlated with a long life.

He discovered the following:

Humans have the most SOD enzyme of any mammals and have the longest lifespan. 

Chimpanzee have half the human levels of SOD and half the lifespan.

Now the tortoise has the highest levels of SOD and the longest life of any living being...

The trees are the longest lived of all organisms (some trees may live up to 4000 years).

Interestingly, trees have the highest levels of SOD too.

Medical Research

Note: Hence tree mushrooms and Chaga specifically have high amounts of SODs

Lab experiments have further proven that organisms with lower levels of SOD were more susceptible to disease and aging. 

Some scientists noted that "failure to produce normal SOD levels in our brains is associated with increased risk for ALS as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

Germano and Cabot in Nature’s Pain Killers states that people with arthritis usually have low levels of SOD. They are also low in those suffering from inflammatory disorders such as fibromyalgia and polymyositis as well as  rheumatoid arthritis. 

The body which lacks SOD can develop a wide range of diseases, including the relatively rare liver cancer as well as cataracts. 

But when there is enough SODs, aging due to oxygen reactions from free radicals is essentially stalled.  

A healthy intake of SODs daily and we will become healthier and prevent all sorts of disease.

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