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Article: This one nutrient determines your Lifespan


This one nutrient determines your Lifespan

So what can help fight Free Radicals

Enzymes. Called SODs (s-oh-dee's) 

We're going to talk about SODs at length and here is why they are so important:

In his many works on Chaga Mushroom, Dr. Ingram Cass states that “with regular intake [of SODs] there is a likelihood that lifespan can be extended by as much as 10%, perhaps more."

Him and many other scientists attribute that wonderful correlation to a small tiny enzyme in our bodies, called SOD.

Superoxide Dismutase or SODs is a powerful antioxidant system rarely found in edible substance.

It is the main enzyme to break up free radicals we discussed earlier.

Remember, those molecules that oxidize us, steal our electrons and make our skin and organs age faster?

Yeah, SODs neutralizes these harmful radicals so quick, no damage is done to your skin or organs! 

That's the power of SOD.

SODs block oxidative damage and hence crucial to life itself.

To note: this enzyme is especially important for those under greater stress or who has chronic disease.

The scientists are increasingly coming to a conclusion that intake of Chaga Mushroom along with SODs can lead to longer and healthier lives.

Superoxide Dismutase

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baikal tea

What if we leave Free Radicals unattended?

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Medical Research on SODs and their effect on our Bodies
baikal tea

Medical Research on SODs and their effect on our Bodies

There are numerous studies done about magical effects of SODs on living tissue.  And many scientists are coming to the same conclusion: Low amount of SODs in our bodies is associate...

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