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Article: 20 Best Chaga Coffee Products in 2023

20 Best Chaga Coffee Products in 2023

20 Best Chaga Coffee Products in 2023

Coffee and mushrooms are officially the trendiest way to live, eat and drink healthily this year. Picture the aromatic blend of caffeine elevated by the natural, earthy tones of Chaga mushrooms, a delectable condiment that not only entices the palate but also offers an array of health benefits. From Chaga tea to coffee beverages, the options are limitless. So, how do you know which is your perfect blend?

If you’re searching for an invigorating drink that nourishes your body to the max, then Chaga coffee is the one for you. As strange as it sounds, Chaga is no health food newbie. This article will walk you through what Chaga is all about, how it can work for you, and 20 of the best Chaga coffee products that are out there. 

Chaga - Not Just Your Average Mushroom

A favourite ingredient in culinary and medicinal brews, Chaga is grown from birch trees found in the Circumboreal Region of the Northern Hemisphere. The term "chaga" originates from the Russian word for mushroom, and these special fungi have even earned the nickname "black gold."

For centuries, Chaga mushrooms have been a staple in traditional medicine in Northern European countries and Russia. They were commonly used to tackle diabetes and gastrointestinal cancer, as well as heart disease.

But Chaga and coffee? Although there has been a recent upsurge in the use of Chaga together with coffee and tea, this isn’t all that new. In fact, did you know that people used Chaga to substitute these drinks during World War 1 and 2? That just makes you want to know what exactly makes Chaga so special.

When introducing Chaga into your coffee, bear in mind its robust, woody flavor. Start with a conservative amount and calibrate according to your palate. To concoct a flavorful and unique brew, feel free to mix it with other ingredients, such as spices or honey.


Health Benefits of Chaga

Why spend hundreds of dollars on supplements, when you can easily get your hands on Chaga? This humble mushroom packs a whole set of health benefits that have been well-researched and verified by health experts. And all you have to do is simply drink up - it’s that easy!

Immune Booster

Beyond its adorable Chaga is a rich source of potent polysaccharides, including beta-glucans, acting as the foundation for immune support. Think of these indigestible polysaccharides as prebiotic fiber—they cultivate a diverse microbiome in your gut. Consuming enough dietary fiber is key for efficient digestion, maintaining healthy cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar levels. Plus, it nourishes the "good" bacteria in your intestines, encouraging a flourishing community of beneficial gut flora.


Antioxidant Powerhouse

Picture your body as a bustling city, with natural metabolic processes akin to its everyday operations. But sometimes, these operations produce unstable molecules known as free radicals—like rogue vehicles causing chaos on the roads. These can multiply under challenging conditions, such as during a rigorous workout or when exposed to environmental toxins.

Enter antioxidants—our body's traffic controllers. They combat these unruly free radicals by donating an electron, preventing a chaotic chain reaction and cellular damage.

Chaga, believe it or not, is an antioxidant superstar! While many fruits, veggies, herbs, and teas bring their antioxidant game to the table, chaga stands out with its extraordinary antioxidant abundance. It boasts one of the highest known ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) levels, a measure of antioxidant activity in lab tests. So, add antioxidants to your daily meal plan, and support your body systems by neutralizing free radicals and reducing oxidative stress-induced damage.


Anti-Cancer Properties

Talking about antioxidants, these same qualities are the ones that grant Chaga its ability to slow down cancer growth. One study showed that Chaga contains anti-tumor properties that can hinder the progression of bladder cancer through continuous intake. 

An additional study showcased in the World Journal of Gastroenterology examined the impact of this mushroom on malignant human liver cells. The findings suggest that Chaga extract could potentially impede the growth of liver cancer cells, positioning it as a prospective treatment option for liver cancer.

While the exact mechanisms still require more uncovering, there’s no harm in adding this robust health-booster into your everyday drink. 

Top 20 Chaga Coffee Products You Need to Know

Baikal Tea Chaga + Reishi

Enjoy the dual benefits of two of the most revered mushrooms, Chaga and Reishi. And the best part is, you won’t have to worry about not getting a good night’s rest. Although there is no coffee to its name, you will still be in for a drink that packs an energy punch. This caffeine-free blend is bound to soothe yourself after a long day on the job, feel free to even pop a sachet into your own cup of coffee! With Chaga’s potent immune-modulating properties on one end and Reishi’s sleep promoting effects on the other, expect nothing less than a calming drink that not only comforts but also replenishes your health levels. 

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

As one of the pioneers in the mushroom coffee industry, Four Sigmatic has perfected its blend of organic Arabica coffee with Lion's Mane and Chaga mushrooms. The brand prides itself on its dedication to quality and organic ingredients, and their mushroom coffee is no exception. 

The result? A balanced, smooth flavor with earthy undertones that'll keep you alert and focused throughout the day. And if you’re not a fan of the mushroom-y taste, no worries. Many love Four Sigmatic’s brew for its authentic coffee taste while giving drinkers that much-needed adrenaline kick. Power through the day with this delicious pick-me-up that will make you go for miles. 

Laird Superfood Peruvian Coffee with Functional Mushroom

This blend from Laird Superfood combines fair-trade, Peruvian coffee with a unique blend of Chaga, Lion's Mane, and Cordyceps mushrooms. The result is a rich, bold flavor that not only satisfies your coffee cravings but also may support your body's natural defenses and cognitive functions. The coffee is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, making it a great choice for those with specific dietary needs.

Available in medium roast and dark roast options, take your pick depending on which intensity you prefer. Its smooth flavor profile is what keeps coffee drinkers craving for it nonstop, not to mention how it does wonders to energize your morning!

KS Mushroom Store Immune Health Boost Mushroom Coffee with Chaga Mushrooms

Uplift your sense with the stimulating scents of premium ground coffee, tied together with the unique taste of Chaga mushrooms and myceliated brown rice. If you’re wondering why the specific combo, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s all for the best. Myceliated brown rice is basically rice that is fermented with the root of mushroom, also known as mushroom mycelium. 

But wait, doesn’t that mean less mushroom, less benefits? Well, that’s what most people think too. Contrary to popular belief, one study found that myceliated rice grains preserve the immune-boosting properties of these nutritious fungi. "In my scientific opinion, mushroom products not incorporating mycelium are at a decided disadvantage, given the results of recent research,” Paul Stamets, one of the paper’s authors stated. So it’s safe to say that you’ll be gaining much more than when you purchase this KS Mushroom Store coffee brew.

Baikal Tea Chaga Tea

Before your lips even touch the cup, one good whiff of Baikal’s Chaga Tea, and you’ll instantly fall in love. What sets apart Baikal’s Chaga tea from other Chaga products is its use of Chaga mushrooms nurtured by the cold Siberian climate. This imbues the mushroom with a unique taste that you can’t find anywhere else.

Just plop in a sachet into hot water, and let Baikal’s natural flavors do the rest. After 8 minutes, sip on pure Chaga goodness which includes robust antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Wild Shroom Master Blend by Wild Foods

Not just one, but five superfoods? This blend contains Chaga along with four other types of mushroom: reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and turkey tail. Each mushroom provides unique health benefits, and together they create a balanced, invigorating drink.

Wild Foods stays true to its name, sourcing their ingredients from the natural mountain terrains and cultivated by generations of Chinese farmers. The Wild Shroom Master Blend is not a coffee, but makes a perfect companion. Simply add a dash of powder extract to your coffee beverage to lift your spirits up high. 

VitaCup Focus Mushroom Coffee Pods

Instead of your normal coffee beans, switch up your coffee regime with some stylish pods. Vitacup’s Focus Coffee shines the spotlight on three star ingredients, Chaga, Lion’s Mane mushrooms and vegan-friendly vitamins. Chaga and Inulin work together to revitalise the body, granting better digestion, immunity and antioxidant capacity. Relish in these benefits along with improved memory and concentration thanks to Lion’s Mane. Talking about taste, its rich and full-bodied profile will definitely be a winner among coffee connoisseurs. 

Om Mushroom Coffee Latte Blend

Start off your day with an energizing dose of Om Mushroom Coffee Latte Blend. Ideal for those who just absolutely adore coffee, this fragrant blend mixes in the rejuvenating effects of Chaga, Lion Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps and Astralagus. Traditional coffee drinkers hoping to kick the habit - this is the solution for you. 

Om uses shade grown coffee 100% sourced from Arabica beans, processed in such a way that their natural flavor is not lost. But what truly sets their latte apart is the potent mix of organic superfood mushrooms. Chaga, which boasts a wealth of antioxidants, is complemented by equally powerful counterparts. Reishi works wonders for your immune system, while you can get your cognitive boost from Lion’s Mane. Increase your body stamina and vitality with Cordyceps, and Astragalus, a Chinese remedy renowned for its adaptogenic features. 

Sporify Mushroom Coffee Fusion - Lion’s Mane & Chaga

Immerse your taste buds with Sporify’s signature mushroom coffee that highlights the best of both worlds. This brew pairs Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushrooms with the sugary nutty notes of their dark roast. 

Each serving contains 1200 mg of mushroom essence, that is 616 mg of Lion's Mane and 618 mg of Chaga, respectively. It’s hard to imagine that you’ll be sipping on that amount of nutrients, since you’ll hardly taste it anyway! There’s no excuse now to skip out of your daily coffee routine when you’ve got Sporify right at your fingertips.

Teeccino Chaga Ashwagandha Butterscotch Cream Mushroom Herbal Coffee

For those of you with a sweet tooth, Teeccino Chaga Ashwagandha Butterscotch Cream Mushroom Herbal Coffee will surely hit your sweet spot. Be captivated by this luscious, silky blend that’s enhanced with the natural benefits of Chaga, plus the famed Ashwagandha herb.

Dubbed the ‘ginseng of India’, Ashwagandha is a raw ingredient that is popular for its holistic healing effects. Though not actual ginseng, the marvels it does for your body are limitless, which include better sleep, lowered stress and anxiety levels, and even heart protecting capabilities. 

Neuroast Ground Mushroom Coffee

Decades of coffee roasting experience go into this particular blend, and its taste is a  true reflection of that promise! NeuRoast specialises in augmenting roasted coffee with a healthy twist, delivering all the fungi goodness that you can get from Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Turkey Tail. 

Minus the caffeine jitters, you’ll enjoy an energy booster that won’t leave you feeling drained in the aftermath. NeuRoast boasts a colorful selection of mushroom coffees, from their Classic, Decaf, Caramel to their Hazelnut brew. Now, who said drinking healthy had to be boring?

Organic Traditions Mocha Mushroom Coffee

Chocolate fans, here’s a non-guilty pleasure that you won’t regret. Organic Traditions whips up a wide selection of superfood coffee, and their Mocha Mushroom Coffee certainly stands out. 

Packed with immune-boosting qualities, this delicious blend comes with a pentad of mushrooms including Chaga. Relish in the earthy flavors of the mushrooms, coupled with magnesium enriched cacao beans that give this coffee its outstanding taste profile. 

Brain Brand’s Seven Mushroom Blend Coffee

We’ve seen, two, three or maybe five mushroom combinations, but seven? Brain Brands is setting the bar high with their own power-packed brew, the Seven Mushroom Blend Coffee. Featuring Chaga, Cordyceps, King Trumpet, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail mushrooms, this distinct premium blend uses ground Colombian beans that offer refreshing fruity and spicy notes. 

Amazingly, the coffee doesn’t give away the slightest hint of mushroom at all! Regardless, your brain and body will be in for the maximum benefits possible, as you breathe new life into yourself with each yummy sip. 

Buddha Teas Organic Chaga Tea

Let’s step from coffee beans for a bit - tea leaves and Chaga go great together as well. Buddha Teas delivers top-notch healthy tea brews, and this Organic Chaga Tea is one potent mix you mustn’t skip on.

While not a coffee, this tea offers an alternative way to enjoy the benefits of mushrooms. You can pair a cup with a dollop of honey or a lemon squeeze, as you wash down your troubles with this relaxing brew.

Sun Alchemy Mushroom Coffee

A blend of chaga, lion's mane, and cordyceps mushrooms with Arabica coffee beans, it’s a powerful morning brew for brain and body health. That’s right, we’re talking about the Sun Alchemy Mushroom Coffee blend, specially concocted with freeze-dried Arabica beans and the super trio of elite mushrooms. Savor your coffee without worries of a caffeine crash, as you’ll be pumped throughout the day. 

Mushroom Cups Go Glow Coffee

Say goodbye to morning blues when you load up on Go Glow Coffee from Mushroom Cups! Highly recommended for its long-lasting energy magic, this blend unleashes the rejuvenating effects of Chaga, plus serotonin-loaded Wild Mediterranean Chanterelles that provide you with a noticeable ‘glow’. It’s time to make them start wondering, what’s your secret to always staying on top of things? 

Rasa Original Mushroom Coffee

For a calm energy boost, this impressive blend marries Chaga together with Reishi along with fair-trade coffee. In total, there is about 3500 mg of adaptogenic herbs per serving, including Chaga. Not only will you feel fueled up during the day, but take a cup each day and you’ll start seeing results. Age better and healthier as you up your body’s antioxidants and defence against inflammation over time. This concoction of 12 herbs delivers a touch of nuttiness and a subtle sweetness. But above all, it helps mitigate stress effectively, enabling you to operate at your optimum potential.

Grateful Earth’s Super Brain Coffee

Roasted with gourmet espresso beans, relish in the delicate flavors of Grateful Earth’s Super Brain Coffee. Using Robusta and Arabica coffee, this dark roast has earned raving reviews for its exquisite taste that offers more depth to each sip. It contains both Chaga and Lion’s Mane, layered by the spicy hints of Turmeric, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, for that extra kick to your palate. Don’t be afraid to go adventurous, here’s a delectable blend that you’ve got to give a try!

Rheal Shroom Coffee

This is ‘real shroom’ alright! Our star Chaga has made its way into coffee drinker’s hearts with this elite blend of Chaga, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane Mushroom. Each serving has only half of the caffeine content you would expect in regular coffee, but promises a lasting burst of energy nevertheless. Many coffee drinkers have claimed to have overcome their caffeine cravings, just by drinking Rheal Shroom! What’s even better is that the change is just as real. So, why not try it yourself and see the results?

PureShrooms Energize Ground Coffee

This last blend is a healing touch to the body and soul. PureShrooms blends fair-trade, organic coffee with Chaga, Garcinia Cambogia, L-Theanine, and Cordyceps for a deliciously smooth coffee in their Energize edition. Forget dieting fads or weight loss pills, you can amp your metabolism up with this wonder drink, plus the immune benefits of Chaga of course! Enhance your lifestyle with this decadent blend from Canada that will leave you feeling like a completely brand new ‘you’!


Picking the perfect chaga coffee blend may seem like a rollercoaster ride. Hopefully with this newfound knowledge, you’ll be one step closer to reaping the benefits that Chaga has to offer, combined with the deliciousness of coffee flavors unlike any other. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with all these different blends if you are unsure of what suits you, but always keep in mind what you really are looking for. Be it a restful sleep or for keeping the flu bug at bay, there’s no limit to what Chaga can do for you. Who knows, you might find something else along the way, as you sip on the promising journey that awaits you. 




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