Ivan Tea

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Ivan tea is made of fireweed, a unique herb to North American regions. It is a beautiful, pink flower, that's the first to grow after fires and clearings. Consider it a "herbal first-aid kit", which is good for the earth and for our bodies. Ivan Tea is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. It is proven to help against inflammation and pain. Together with Chaga Tea, this brew makes a very potent anti-inflammatory drink.

Ingredients: 100% Wild Ivan Tea

Customer Reviews

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Linda DeFazio
Nice cup of tea

Just started using this tea, not sure about the inflamation factor, seems to help a little but feel calm and relaxed

Shannon Butler

I love the flavor and its soothing

Michael Linn

I have had body inflammation for 50 years from rheumatoid arthritis and the subsequent orthopedic surgeries to repair the structural damage. By drinking Ivan tea and Chaga + Reishi tea I have noticed a slight decrease in my inflammation.

Thank you for sharing! Please keep drinking the tea and we hope your inflammation is further reduced. Please check some of our blog articles on dealing with inflammation. Stay well!

Mary B
Tasty decaffeinated tea

I really like the flavor of this tea. It has a little bit of a lemony taste. I love to have it iced. So glad it's decaffeinated.

Sally a
Great tea!

I love the Ivan Tea. I have been drinking for about 2 weeks. I seems to have more energy and I am sleeping better. Will continue to use as I think it’s a great product. I mixed with honey and lemon.

Thank you. We're glad you're feeling positive effects from the wild herbs!