Ivan Tea

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Ivan tea is made of fireweed, a unique herb to North American regions. It is a beautiful, pink flower, that's the first to grow after fires and clearings. Consider it a "herbal first-aid kit", which is good for the earth and for our bodies. Ivan Tea is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. It is proven to help against inflammation and pain. Together with Chaga Tea, this brew makes a very potent anti-inflammatory drink.

Ingredients: 100% Wild Ivan Tea

Customer Reviews

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Sally a
Great tea!

I love the Ivan Tea. I have been drinking for about 2 weeks. I seems to have more energy and I am sleeping better. Will continue to use as I think it’s a great product. I mixed with honey and lemon.

Thank you. We're glad you're feeling positive effects from the wild herbs!

Nicolenya Caltman
I will be buying again...

Love this tea. I like that it's in a tea bag it's convenient to take to go somewhere. Fresh and lovely taste.

Delicious and healthy

Bought this at recommendation of family member for its health benefits. I was expecting this to taste like herbal tea, but it’s very much like black tea. It tastes so good I look forward to drinking a cup in the evenings.

Mr. Adolf

Delicious tea, with real benefits.
Definitely better than coca cola.
Would recommend. This is just perfect.

Terry Webber

Yes I have received the Tea . I have also tried the tea . The tea is amazing and does exactly what it is suppose to do, reduce inflammation. The flavor is very light , yet it works . I will be purchasing more. I am very satisfied with the product. 🤍🤍🤍