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Baikal Tea Collection

Welcome to Your Self-Restoration Journey

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Peppermint TeaPeppermint Tea
Peppermint Tea
Organic TeatoxOrganic Teatox
Organic Teatox
Chaga Tea with BergeniaChaga Tea with Bergenia
Chaga Tea with Bergenia
Chaga TeaChaga Tea
Chaga Tea
ivan tea baikal teabaikal tea ivan tea 30 tea bags
Ivan Tea
chaga reishi tea baikal teawhats in chaga reishi tea
Chaga + Reishi
Save $2.45Relaxing Duet
Relaxing Duet
Save $4.45Minty Chaga
Minty Chaga
Loose Ground ChagaLoose Ground Chaga
Loose Ground Chaga
Save $5.99Baikal Collection
Baikal Collection
Save $5.00Self-Restoration Package
Self-Restoration Package