“Comes from Siberia, organic, and easy to prepare”

—Anna Jordan, Chaga with Bergenia Customer

Ancient siberian recipe with more immune properties

This recipes was shared with us by the local Siberian folk. They add a pinch of Bergenia plant to brewing Chaga for additional immune support and to open Chaga in taste. This brew is more dense and velvety than pure Chaga.


Chaga + Reishi - Overall Wellness


Customer Reviews

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Laurie S
Healthy and tasted amazing!

I have heard about the healing properties of this tea and decided to try it. I didn't expect it to taste so good! It's rich and deep. I'd buy it for the taste alone. Great packaging, easy to brew, tastes great and I know I'm helping my body in this stressful time. I highly recommend it.

Karen C. Thomas
It works!

After one week my arthritic hands and knee are notl as painful and I have better dexterity!

Nancy L. Moureau
Very tasty

I really like this tea. I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent flavor. This Chaga tea was recommended post Covid so I thought I would give it a try. Love it and will keep buying it. I now have it at home and in the office!

Traci Schuh
Baikal Tea is the Best

Love my Chaga Tea with Bergenia. I typically drink the Chaga - Reishi blend, but tried something new. The immune properties have kept me healthy since I started drinking the teas!

M Baker

I love your tea's. I have tossed every other kind i had. Nothing but the best. Thank you.