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Chaga Tea with Bergenia


Just like popular Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms, Chaga is full of antioxidants and useful micro-elements. 

Polysaccharides for energy, Beta-glucans for immune support, Phytosterols against cancer are just some of the benefits, scientifically shown to be in Chaga. It is also good for stomach and digestive support, and is a potent detoxifier



(also called Badan, or Siberian tea) is an evergreen perennial growing in rocky Siberian lands. 

The beauty of this plant is in its thick, relatively large leaves that ferment naturally throughout the year (fermented foods are rich in probiotic and enzymes).

Adding just a tiny bit of Bergenia to Chaga is an ancient Siberian recipe shared with us by the indigenous people of Baikal lands. 

Both Chaga and Bergenia are immunomodulators, meaning they take care of our immune without making it overreactive. 

Bergenia is also good for major organs to assist with waste removal, heart contractions and respiration 


Ingredients: 100% Wild Siberian Chaga (97%), Bergenia herb (3%)


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