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A natural drink that helps your body work better and feel lighter. It can even help you lose weight without using any harsh ingredients. 8 Organic wild herbs act as a great anti-bloating drink when you feel full. Take a cup to rid of bad stuff and feel good again!

Organic Teatox | Herbal Detox & Cleanse
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Natural Detox

Teatox helps your body clean itself gently and effectively, without using harsh chemicals. It supports your body's natural way of getting rid of bad stuff, making you feel fresh and full of energy.

Weight Loss Help

This tea doesn't just help you detox; it also supports your weight loss journey by speeding up your metabolism and helping your body get rid of bad stuff, making it easier to lose weight.

Improves Metabolism

This tea can speed up your metabolism, which helps your body make energy and burn calories, making it easier to manage your weight.

Chemical-Free Cleanse

Teatox is different from other detox teas you can buy because it's made with all-natural ingredients. That means you're giving your body pure and good stuff without any fake things added.

Reduce Bloating

Nobody likes feeling heavy and bloated. Organic Teatox helps make that feeling go away with its special ingredients, so you can feel light and your stomach can feel better.

Tummy Soother

Sometimes, our tummies don't feel good, and that's when Organic Teatox comes to help. It makes your tummy feel better, so you can feel your best inside and out.

Every cup of Baikal Tea is a testament to the healing powers of nature

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Why it’s good for you

Teatox is a natural blend of 8 wild herbs made to work well with your body. It helps your body detox gently, without any strong chemicals, making you feel refreshed inside and out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Betsy Priest

Makes me feel less bloated. This tea has a great taste as well.

Organic Teatox

I Love the taste. It's not to Bold. I'll definitely be ordering it again


taste good and they serve their purpose.

Heather the scouter
OMG I feel better!

My mom visited and screwed up my entire life for a week. Her cooking left me with bloating, stomachache, extra weight, and regret. I can't say I've lost the weight yet, but after three days I'm free of bloat and the stomachache. That was my goal. I would continue with it to try and lose the weight, but it says to not use it if you are pregnant, and I'm trying to conceive. I am so happy my stomach feels better, though!


Love this tea! Great cleanse & gentle

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