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Baikal Collection

Our 3 newest teas in a bundle: Chaga Reishi, Peppermint, and Teatox for a full-body restoration. 30 tea bags of each. Normally $50+ with tax, this bundle is on a great discount: $39.95. Limited time deal
Baikal Collection
Baikal Collection Sale price$39.95 Regular price$45.94
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Baikal Collection

Potent Antioxidant Powerhouse

Chaga and Reishi mushrooms are renowned for their high antioxidant content. When combined with the antioxidant properties in Teatox, this blend becomes a formidable defense against free radicals, potentially slowing aging and bolstering overall health.

Calm in a Cup

Reishi mushroom, often called the "mushroom of immortality," is known for its adaptogenic properties, helping the body manage and adapt to stress. Peppermint's refreshing notes further induce relaxation, making this blend a perfect de-stressor.

Promotes Digestion

Peppermint is a celebrated hero for the digestive system, easing discomfort and promoting a smooth digestive flow. Teatox, with its natural detoxifying properties, further supports gut health, ensuring a happy tummy.

Metabolic Booster

Teatox is celebrated for its ability to stimulate metabolism, assisting in natural detox and weight management. When coupled with the wellness benefits of Chaga and Reishi, it aids in achieving holistic vitality.

Immune System Enhancer

Both Chaga and Reishi mushrooms have been used traditionally to fortify the immune system. Paired with the vitamin-rich elements of Teatox, this blend becomes a robust shield against common ailments.

Heart Health Advocate

The combined anti-inflammatory properties of these ingredients contribute to a healthy heart. By potentially reducing inflammation and supporting blood vessels, this combo showcases its commitment to cardiovascular wellness.

Every cup of Baikal Tea is a testament to the healing powers of nature

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Why it’s good for you

The fusion of Chaga, Reishi, Peppermint, and Teatox offers a harmonious blend of holistic health benefits. This concoction is a potent antioxidant powerhouse, with Chaga and Reishi shielding cells from free radical damage, promoting longevity and radiant skin. The blend champions digestive health, with peppermint easing tummy discomforts and Teatox aiding detoxification.

Customer Reviews

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Brennan Quinn
Great tea!

Very rich in taste and nutrients.

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