Get healthy down to very cells

Do you remember how some of the fruits at your local grocery store have wax applied to them? 

That wax makes the produce look shiny and pretty. It also extends shelf life.

Chaga has many fats and similar waxes that keep our cell membranes healthy!

(triterpenes, sterols, betulin, betulinic acid, lanosterol, inotodiol, and lupeol)

But think of them as oils, lubricants or waxes.

These "waxes" increase the resistance and the strength of our cell membranes.

Cell membranes influence the transmission of signals in our body, which is extremely important!

A healthy cell wall is going to be flexible, transmitting as many vital signals as possible.

A diseased cell wall is going to be stiff, blocking some or all of the signals...leading to its eventual destruction.

Some fats are important and even vital for our bodies, contrary to popular belief.

When there are enough healthy fats, the brain also absorbs them to regenerate the nerve cell coating

Leading to recovery from stress and anxiety

In addition, these fats found in the wild chaga are necessary for rebuilding any cell damage which is caused by oxidative stress (from free radicals)

So both SOD and waxes lead to youthfulness.

Both these substances block oxidative damage of the tissues.

Both work as a team to maintain excellent health of skin and organs.

Both stall the aging process.

This means that SOD- and sterol-rich wild Chaga mushroom Tea is ideal for the regeneration of the body and also for the prevention of different disease

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