What is Bergenia?

 Adding just a tiny bit of Bergenia to Chaga is an ancient Siberian recipe shared with us by the indigenous people of Baikal lands. 

But what's so special about it?

Bergenia, also called Badan, or Siberian tea, is an evergreen perennial growing in rocky Siberian lands. 

The beauty of this plant is in its thick, relatively large leaves that ferment naturally throughout the year. 

That’s right - most teas are oxidized or fermented by hand, but Bergenia undergoes it naturally as it grows. 

(Fermented foods are rich in probiotic and enzymes)

Bergenia opens up Chaga in flavor and nutrients. 

And because Bergenia is an immuno-modulator, it also adds to the immune properties of Chaga.

The perfect unique duo in your cup. 


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