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Article: Mushrooms in Tea? đŸ”đŸ„

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Mushrooms in Tea? đŸ”đŸ„

When you hear that Chaga is actually a Mushroom, you might think of beef stroganoff or some other form of edible mushroom, but:

  • Unlike most mushrooms a person doesn’t eat Chaga. Rather, it is brewed like a tea and taken as a medicine.

  • Chaga has a very Earthy, mild flavor. It tastes nothing like a regular mushroom. 

  • Mushrooms are more nutritionally dense than fruit, vegetables grains, and plants.

  • Can easily add Chaga to other teas and drinks, coffee, smoothies, pancakes or food. Just tear the bag open and add to anything you want to boost in nutrients.

  • It is well established that chaga mushroom activates the immune system and normalizes all bodily processes.

  • Foods, like chaga, which are low in calories but high in nutrients, are associated with an increase in life longevity

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