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Article: Your secret weapon for the bulletproof immune

baikal tea

Your secret weapon for the bulletproof immune

Beta Glucan simply boosts immunity. 

It makes the immune system to function at the optimal level and stay in balance.

According to a Chaga advocate Dr. Ingram Cass, the routine use of beta glucan-rich Chaga tea will extend lifespan significantly, largely by reducing the risks of getting infections.

Lab tests showed that rude Glucan particles taken by mouth helped white blood cells to consume bacteria and destroy them more efficiently

This is the IMMUNE SYSTEM going to work!

So Beta Glucans may be regarded as a secret weapon for preparing the immune system against any external—and internal—threat.

Wild Chaga Tea is rich in Beta Glucans for your every day immune support.

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baikal tea

Activate your immune with Beta Glucans

Chaga mushroom contains high levels of one of the most potent polysaccharides known, called Beta Glucan.    The molecule found in Chaga is primarily 1, 3 beta glucan (named Beta Gl...

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Bergenia herb from Siberia tea by Baikal Tea

What is Bergenia?

 Adding just a tiny bit of Bergenia to Chaga is an ancient Siberian recipe shared with us by the indigenous people of Baikal lands.  But what's so special about it? Bergenia, also c...

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