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Article: Protect your heart from stress

serenity herbal tea by baikal tea remove stress and anxiety heart healthy

Protect your heart from stress

If you stress and overwhelm easily 🔥 then you need to take extra measures to protect your heart ❤️


Stressful times, negative emotions, and depression cause heart rate patterns to be erratic and disordered


The repetitive experience of negative emotions physically affect our hearts, leading to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and inflammation in the heart


Although heart problems are considered genetic, many people develop them without genetic predispositions


It should not come at a surprise really.. Just look at this complex ever changing environment around us. It’s fun, but stressful


Arguably, this happens due to stress exerted by ever changing increasingly complex environments around us. But thankfully, the same exact environment offer lots of remedies to protect ourselves from such damage.


Some of the most obvious remedies against stress are powerful emotions of love and belonging we get by spending time with the loved ones, close family and friends.


The sheer joy of positive vibrations of fellow human beings normalizes our heart rates and releases powerful hormones of happiness and calm - endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.


Proper exercise and heart healthy diets are also important! There are plenty options of exercise and diet techniques available around! Make sure to find the one that fits your lifestyle and schedule.


The last but not the least is introduction of herbs and herbal tea to your diet. Such simple addition will carry  life-long benefits.


Thing is, herbs have hundreds of chemicals that affect us on deep cellular levels. Studies have found that drinking tea is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease.


We took it a notch further and created a blend of high quality wild herbs for those who move too quickly in thoughts, emotions, or actions. The blend is also good for anxiety and stress held in the gastrointestinal tract.


Motherwort can reduce palpitations caused by stress and anxiety while Lemon Balm works wonders on the overstimulated mind and body.


Serenity is our premium calming blend to relax nerves, mind and body.


Grown in the wild, our herbs are organically hand picked from one of the most natural places on Earth. We welcome you to taste the depth of nature in every sip today! Order now with a small discount. Quantity is limited to this year's wild grown supply.




No chemicals or pesticides are ever used.

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