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Article: What if we leave Free Radicals unattended?

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What if we leave Free Radicals unattended?

A better question is - 

What will happen if you continue losing your electrons, each day?

Your body will start decaying. That's what we call aging.

A body that does not have enough ammo to stop free radicals fast enough is losing electrons and hence losing its energy.

This energy, otherwise used for supporting immune and body, is now gone.

And there is nothing to stop all sorts of mental and physical disease and disorders from spreading in our system.

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Why we age faster than we should?

We age faster because of Free radicals. These pesky, harmful molecules damage our cells, skin and organs every hour, every minute, every second of our lives. They oxidize us. They s...

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This one nutrient determines your Lifespan

So what can help fight Free Radicals?  Enzymes. Called SODs (s-oh-dee's)  We're going to talk about SODs at length and here is why they are so important: In his many works on Ch...

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