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Article: Activate your immune with Beta Glucans

baikal tea

Activate your immune with Beta Glucans

Chaga mushroom contains high levels of one of the most potent polysaccharides known, called Beta Glucan


  • The molecule found in Chaga is primarily 1, 3 beta glucan (named Beta Glucan)


  • Found in Chaga in rich amounts, these substances activate and empower the immune system.


  • It is also a powerful anticancer agent.


  • Beta Glucan also causes a significant reduction in blood sugar in those who suffer abnormal blood sugar peaks.

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baikal tea

Chaga - The king of mushrooms 👑

  Chaga contains 25 to 50 times more SOD than other medicinal mushrooms. This makes it the top known source of this enzyme.   Chaga is more potent than dietary antioxidants, su...

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baikal tea

Your secret weapon for the bulletproof immune

Beta Glucan simply boosts immunity.  It makes the immune system to function at the optimal level and stay in balance. According to a Chaga advocate Dr. Ingram Cass, the routine use ...

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